Albert Pierrepoint's... Pistol

Issued in early 1950’s, personally to Albert Pierrepoint who would have signed for it.

Specially issued by the Home Office from a military armoury auctioneer, Weller and Dufty Ltd, and ownership retained by the Home Office.

Albert Pierrepoint would have been required to sign it back in on retirement.

The gun was a Webley single shot point 22 target pistol plus 50 rounds of Mk III solid point... It was either a 5 or 6 inch barrel, with a shoulder holster. it was chosen for its efficiency in confined spaces. It would be much quieter than a point 9 +, and it would go clean through a soft matter with little, or no, visible damage. It would make just a 'crack' sound rather than a very audible 'bang'

The Home office disposed of a quantity of obsolete, surplus to requirement weapons in various armouries until early 1950s. Many went to companies, such as Weller and Dufty.

Pierrepoint's pistol was auctioned by Weller and Dufty Ltd in 1980.